Building with Excellence

Develops timeless architectural and perfectly engineered projects that surpass expectations and ensure high design and construction standards.

Pioneering property developer

AIMS Real Estate is one of the leading  property developers in Saudi Arabia addressing the needs of the country’s growing population and Vision 2030 for outstanding quality residential, hospitality, and commercial solutions. The company seeks diverse real estate opportunities where it can add value through its expertise and the strong relationships it has built over the years with world-class industry players.

AIMS Real Estate’s know-how covers portfolio management with strong land trading capabilities and a stable land bank; property development with a focus on diversified built assets for leasing and or selling; and operation management with customized property and facility management as well as lease administration. As such, the Company not only develops its own projects, but also offers its services to land owners and real estate investors, and provides its sister company AIMS Investment, with advice and guidance on direct property investments worldwide.


AIMS Real Estate rose from the holy city of Mecca, as a key player in the hospitality sector of real estate development. Today the company continues to develop and deliver a variety of real estate projects in all major cities across the Kingdom to meet the anticipated demand for residential, office, hospitality, and retail developments arising from new economic opportunities.


AIMS Real Estate provides solution-driven expertise in development, management, and leasing of projects, including a well-established, modernized turnkey process that results in cost-effective and high-quality end product.


The real estate division effectively and efficiently manages residential and commercial properties, ensuring that all aspects including asset portfolio are expertly controlled.


As sales and lease administrators of properties, AIMS oversees all aspects related to the agreement process, from coordinating the new lease or sales contract to managing day-to-day administrative tasks, including accounting and legal requirements associated with any real estate portfolio.


With a focus on excellence and assurance, AIMS provides breadth of service and expertise in terms of managing facilities that support the functionality, health and safety, and sustainability of any type of real estate development.