Capitalizing on the Future

A robust legacy of knowledge, competence, and flexibility to act on opportunities and power over market volatility.

Creating value for generations to come

The division covers investments in multiple asset classes across various geographies, industries, and financial sectors with a long-term plan that is driven by the potential for growth, portfolio diversification, synergistic integration, and value creation.

AIMS seeks to support the growth of the private sector in Saudi Arabia by attracting commercial partners and developing capital markets.

Our objectives are firmly aligned with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. As the country looks toward building a thriving economy away from oil exports, AIMS Holding aspires to play an important role in realizing this vision and providing funds to core business.


Through the Saudi capital market Tadawul, we invest in Shariah-compliant companies. Our public market securities portfolio includes trading investments, cash-yielding investments, and long-term investments. Since we often take a long-term view, we are not bound by standardized benchmarks, which gives us more flexibility to allocate capital, taking into consideration our wider objectives and potential risk.


We invest in non-traditional asset classes for above-average risk-adjusted returns. By combining a range of alternative investments, we aim to diversify our overall portfolio and create a positive hedge against adverse movements in traditional capital markets. Typical investments in this asset class include private equity funds, real estate funds, and income-generating funds.


We are active investors in businesses that align strategically with our existing portfolio. This might involve acquiring a controlling or minority stake in domestic as well as international businesses. Our team assesses each project against criteria that determine whether to invest, become a limited partner, or take an active role.