World-class Performance

Enables AIMS business units to operate efficiently and be solution-driven to deliver long-term returns for the Group.

Our mission is to ensure AIMS develops strong capabilities for sustainable, competitive performance, and to be the preferred partner for all our business units. This is achieved by delivering innovative solutions and exceptional services.

The strategic Business Services division provides essential support services to the holding’s business units. As a key partner, it helps in building capabilities that drive the performance and shape the workplace culture of the organization.

Our Priorities

To deliver this mission, AIMS Business Services offers a number of strategic priorities to:

  • Provide solutions that are inspired by best practices thinking.
  • Develop knowledge and technology infrastructure.
  • Use innovation as the main input for service, support, design, and delivery.
  • Plan resource levels to support the requirements of each business unit.
  • Ensure that systems, processes, methods, and policies are based on world-class standards.
  • Establish a work environment committed to the company’s values and culture.

Our Core Strengths

There are six centres of excellence within AIMS Business Services that its partners can call upon. The level of support provided to each business unit depends on its maturity stage. Business Services provides support that ranges from functional services for a start-up, to strategic or advisory services for more established units. All centres of excellence operate within a cooperative culture in which AIMS business units share ideas and actively apply best practices.

Centres of Excellence
Organisational Excellence

Organisational Excellence

Strategy Management

Strategy Management

Knowledge and Information

Knowledge and IT

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Legal Compliance

Legal and Governance

Brand Management

Brand Management