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AIMS Industrial is a manufacturing and trading division with a commoditized core that continues to generate steady revenues. The company looks toward new service-based offerings in the domestic market and is well positioned to take the business forward beyond traditional markets into areas of high potential. We have a clear domestic manufacturing strategy and opportunities to grow exports worldwide. We also have a pathway to incubate innovative technologies and new production techniques through acquisitions, joint ventures, and technology partnerships.
Aims leading industrial factory
With state-of-the-art facilities in Jeddah, ALIF is the main manufacturing arm of AIMS Industrial, producing metal wire products for the construction sector as well as copper products for electrical applications for the local, regional, and global markets. ALIF uses the best quality raw materials and the latest cost-effective technologies to ensure impeccable end products at competitive rates. ALIF is also the exclusive distributor of international brands within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a licensed portfolio of high-quality products that support the oil, gas, and construction sectors. The company continues to diversify its product portfolio to match increasing demand within the Kingdom and in overseas markets.


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Vision Horizon

The cutting-edge Vision Horizon factory in Jeddah produces an extensive line of paper products such as shopping, grocery, and bakery bags, wrapping sheets, and printed paper rolls. It also assembles an array of copper products, including wire rods, bus bars, tapes in coils, stranded and regular wires, and single and multi-core low-voltage electrical wires. The company provides packaging solutions and copper products to a global customer base with the aim to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products at competitive prices.