The story
The story
Our Legacy

The Founder

From humble beginnings, Sheikh Abdullah and his older brother Mohammed founded a company based on social purpose and family values to ensure a positive contribution to society.

“for over eight decades, our business has been driven by the entrepreneurial and ethical vision of our founder, the late Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Al Subeaei.”
The roots of AIMS Holding date back to 1933, when the two brothers, Abdullah and Mohammed Ibrahim Al Subeaei, applied the good Islamic values that were instilled in them by their parents as a base in their initial business dealings in Makkah. Following extensive learnings and practice, these values became the foundation of the partnership they established. This emphasis on honesty, integrity, and social responsibility continues to guide the present day company, which strives to deliver long-term returns from a broad portfolio that extends across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to flagship investments overseas.

Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Al Subeaei

1923 – 2021

Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Al Subeaei was born in Onayza City (Al Qassim Province) in 1923. The economic hardships of the time led first his older brother Mohammed, and then the whole family, to move to Makkah Al Mukarramah in search of better prospects. Throughout his life, Sheikh Abdullah’s extensive Islamic education and moral compass reverberated into his work and management ethics as well as in his personal and communal life, leaving behind a legacy that will innately pass on to future generations.

1933 – 1939


While still pursuing his education, Abdullah began working at his uncle’s store, entered into a partnership with a fabric and textile trader, and learned the secrets of many professions, before joining forces in 1933 with his brother in a budding trading and commerce store in Souk Al Jodariyah, the largest commercial area in Makkah. They eventually established the Mohammed and Abdullah Ibrahim Al Subeaei Company. Their venture began in textiles, food products, coins, and simple money exchange. The brothers became well known for their integrity and honest dealings with customers and suppliers alike.

1940 – 1960


Through their interactions with pilgrims, Mohammed and Abdullah gained perspective on the culture and customs of people around the globe. They added languages to their list of learnings and moved to Jeddah as the next stepping stone in the growth of their business. Wherever they saw potential demand, they found a way to invest and branch out.

1961 – 1989


From livestock trading and distribution to expanding their textile business into bidding for and winning government contracts and other manufacturing ventures, to the gradual entry into the real estate market, both in land trading and development. It was during those years that the brothers also expanded their money exchange building from one outlet in Jeddah to several across the Kingdom.

1990 – 2010


The brothers’ success story continued as the real estate business quickly flourished. Abdullah and Mohammed expanded their network by establishing strong relationships with financial institutions, going as far as contributing to the introduction of a number of foreign banks to Saudi Arabia. In 2004, their company became the largest stakeholder in the newest bank of the Kingdom, Bank Albilad in Riyadh, which soon became one of the fastest-growing and most profitable in the country.

2010 – Present


In 2010, the brothers concluded their partnership in goodwill and divided their investments based on the familial and Islamic values instilled in them. Abdullah established AIMS Holding, which continues to invest in the core markets of commercial and residential real estate, hospitality, and manufacturing. The company pursues further growth by developing new opportunities in areas such as tourism, hospitality services, and international investment. It also seeks innovative ways to expand its competitive edge in manufacturing and distribution. The founder’s ethics and beliefs remain the backbone of the Company’s work culture.