Welcoming lucrative opportunities

AIMS Hospitality manages and operates a growing base of hospitality businesses. It also offers best practices expertise to third parties and provides tourist services. Looking to capitalize on the growth of visitors to the region, the company is in a position to act swiftly on potential opportunities in the combination of coastline, mountain escape, and stunning desert destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia country, in addition to those related to its culture and history.

In continuing to secure a strong position in this growing market, AIMS Hospitality offers consultancy advice to our sister companies, AIMS Investment and AIMS Real Estate. It administers a growing portfolio of services that traverse the hospitality value chain from end-to-end and with the collective vision ahead, looks to build on its experiences and expand its operations into emerging international tourism.


AIMS Hospitality advises on specific tourism construction projects, including on location and facilities. It also manages the leasing of these new hotels and provides the restaurant, food distribution, and property management services.


The company offers best practices expertise to third parties. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, these are often investors and developers who do not have experienced hospitality teams to cater to the growing number of visitors to major locations.


AIMS Hospitality provides tourist services that ensure visitors enjoy the best possible experience in Saudi Arabia. As the Kingdom becomes more reliant on tourism and less on oil production, the company aims to be a major contributor to attracting and meeting the needs of the large number of religious and non-religious visitors expected and look to build on experiences and expand operations into emerging international tourism.