Dr. Adel Mohamed Khaled Al Salim

Board Member

Dr. Al Salim served as a lecturer and associate professor in the Department of Chemistry at King Saud University for nearly 27 years. He was the Head of Council of the Saudi Arabian magazine Al Bayan from 1989-2008 and starting from 1992 for the same period, was the Secretary General of the Islamic Forum. He was also a member of the Foundation of the Islamic Waqf in the Kingdom
of the Netherlands from 1992-2006. Dr. Al Salim is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Adel Al Salim Sons Holding and Investment since 2013.

He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors for both Forum Paper Products and A&J Investment Services in Turkey. He is also a board member and partner at MAWAHEB Education Company, ADAWOL for International Trade and Marketing, TABYAN Real Estate Development Company in the UAE, Amlak for Tourism and Hotels in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Kolbrig Company in the UK.
He has been an appointed member of AIMS Board of Directors Since March 2012.