Brand Pillars

Brand Pillars

Our Corporate Values are incorporated into the AIMS Brand Pillars of Honesty, Intelligence, Humility and Growth. Our Brand Values represent the belief outline of AIMS and govern the messages we promote both internally and publically. The HIGH Brand Pillars are core constituents that influence our reputation and relationships, they represent what is important to us, what we believe in, what we want to convey and to what we are committed:


We remain humble and mindful of our heritage to ensure we operate in an environment of mutual respect with all our stakeholders, whether customers, employees, suppliers and even our competitors.


We aim to grow by actively seeking new opportunities locally, regionally and internationally. We are dedicated to corporate social responsibility and for promoting prosperity in the jurisdictions, communities and environments in which we work. We believe in a ‘one team’ approach that unites us all into working together for the greater good of the community.


We promote intelligence and development by encouraging and nurturing innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Through constant progression, we work incessantly on improving our people to equip them with the necessary tools to perform their tasks to high standards in order to provide customers with quality goods and services at exceptional value.


We conduct our business with honesty and integrity regardless of the circumstances, and we deal with our customers and our employees in an open and transparent way.


One Team – Our Ethos

7. One Team – Our Ethos

  • We work in teams to offer our staff a greater sense of belonging.
  • We believe that the whole is a sum of its parts, so we promote personal development of each team member by encouraging and nurturing innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.
  • We believe that we can achieve extraordinary results when we combine our strengths and talents.
  • We build credibility with others by showcasing our solid teamwork.
  • We believe in a ‘one-team’ approach that unites our workforce for the greater good of the community.

Creativity – Our Quest

6. Creativity – Our Quest

  • We create and nurture a culture of believers and dreamers who can generate revolutionary ideas.
  • In our quest for continuous improvement, we encourage a creative process that is collaborative, pooling together our best talents for maximum inspiration.
  • We believe that all of our employees have the creative instinct, character and personality to succeed on this quest.
  • We aim to grow talented individuals who will have the courage, tenacity and desire to tackle work related challenges through creative solutions and original thinking.

Excellence – Our Purpose

5. Excellence – Our Purpose

  • We believe in nothing less than pure excellence. We strive for continuous improvement and respond competently to change.
  • At AIMS there is strictly no compromise on our work ethos and delivery standards.
  • Excellence drives everything we do. It is our formula for success.
  • Excellence is the best gift we can present to our customers.

Innovation – Our Catalyst

4. Innovation – Our Catalyst

  • We reinforce our common beliefs and strive for a future of excellence through innovation.
  • We place high priority on innovation to ensure that we offer the best possible value to our customers.
  • We maintain a fresh, healthy work environment, and encourage innovation among our team members to keep them inspired and motivated.

Responsibility – Our Consensus

3. Responsibility – Our Consensus

  • We believe that responsibility is a collective undertaking, practiced in all we do.
  • We have a strong work ethic that emphasizes the need to raise quality standards, support one another and exhibit pride, professionalism and commendable behavior at all times.
  • We value trust and believe that responsibility can only come through having total confidence in each other.
  • We are committed to corporate social responsibility and the promotion of prosperity within the communities and environments in which we work.

Respect – Our Conviction

2. Respect – Our Conviction

  • We believe that respect is based on the moral obligation to honor the essential worth and dignity of another individual; it reflects notions such as civility, courtesy, dignity, autonomy, tolerance and acceptance.
  • We practice diversity in our organizational culture, placing emphasis on the importance of being respectful to one another despite our differences.
  • We define respect as being dignified and thoughtful of others.
  • We honor other people’s wants, needs, ideas, differences, beliefs, customs, and heritage.
  • We remain humble and mindful of our heritage to ensure that we operate in an environment of mutual respect with all our stakeholders.

Honesty – Our Compass

1. Honesty – Our Compass

  • We believe that honesty, integrity, good intentions, and treating people fairly should be the core values within our corporate culture.
  • We ensure that our responsibilities are fulfilled and are above reproach at all times.
  • We listen with sincerity and allow for new ideas and solutions to stand and be tested.
  • We build, maintain and grow our relationships continuously due to our belief that openness and honesty lead to trust and faith.
  • We pursue open, respectful communications with everyone.
  • We follow our words with actions, delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations.

Corporate Values

Values guide and underpin the way we think and operate. Within AIMS we ensure our business dealings and investments are fully compliant with the principles of Islam. This reflects in our Corporate Values, which guide us in all our actions and decisions. By continually referencing to these values, we retain the vision of our founder, Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Al Subeaei:

AIMS Invesments

Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Subeaei (AIMS) Holding Company is a family owned diversified business organization that carries rich legacy and still bears the name of its founder. Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed al Subeaei (AIMS) Group through the vision of its founder is close to the local communities and is dedicated to CSR and to charitable work. Holding 11.1% stake in Bank Albilad, the Saudi joint stock company, which offers an array of business, investment and consumer banking services, is listed on Tadawul with a market capitalization of $4.2 billion as of February 2014.

AIMS sits on the board of Albilad Bank insuring that internal and external operations are held at its best global standards. Albilad Bank, a Saudi joint stock company, established vide Royal Decree 48/M on 21/9/1425H (corresponding to 4 November 2004) with a corporate capital of 4,000,000,000 Saudi Riyals, has the same vision as AIMS and that is to be the preferred choice of genuine Islamic banking solutions. Its mission is to constantly strive through initiatives and innovation to provide banking services on a genuine Islamic basis to meet the ambitions of stakeholders: clients, employees and shareholders; which goes hand in hand with what AIMS uses at a tracker for its progress and growth journey.

The values AlBilad Bank stands for are as simple and clear as those of AIMS:
1- Initiative and Innovation
2- Care and Partnership
3- Trust and Accountability

In parallel to having the strong foundation, AIMS, as a holding company, develops and manages the investment portfolio and key industries sector brands and subsidiaries. These include AIMS Industry, AIMS Properties, AIMS Retail, AIMS Education, and AIMS Hospitality.

In each subcategory, diversified brands and well-renowned names ruck to give AIMS Investment the needed growth; bearing in mind that the Saudi market is experiencing advances in all sectors as it moves towards more modern development. There are several factors contributing to this mass expansion, while simultaneously creating favorable economic activity. AIMS Investment presents the optimal balance between the current return on investment and future growth in a way to exceed expectations. AIMS wishes to leave its mark on the strategic outcomes through establishing an International Advisory Board of Expertise by the end of 2015, which will only help at enlarging the existing portfolio by 40% before the end of 2017. But before that, and by mid-2015, AIMS will have designed and implemented a Financial Investment & Management System that will insure the consistent and stable yearly growth of the group.