AIMS Industry

We can attribute the continuing economic growth in the non-oil sector to initiatives such as the importation of machinery and government funding, which has contributed to Saudi Arabia developing a national industry of locally produced products and increased manufacturing output. This growth in activity paves the way for new technologies and ideas that manifest themselves in the form of investments and opportunities for all stakeholders.

As AIMS Industry’s range of products and services continue to grow, our focus continues to be on integrating quality and value with the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. Through a combination of carefully selected investments, effective supply chain management, enhanced market expertise and operational efficiencies, we are forecasting significant future growth in both turnover and productivity.

Our overall approach is one that is market oriented, to meet the needs and desires of our customers by utilising all potential resources, industries, and supporting technologies.

This approach together with our vision, to provide exceptional value to customers whilst upholding our values and principles, is in keeping with the investments we make in this sector. For example, the construction development in the Kingdom and the demand on building materials prompted us to establish the United Building Materials Factory, the manufacturing arm of AIMS Industrial. Established in 1999 the company now ranks among the top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia. Trading in high performance chemical resistance coatings and manufacturers of nails, rivets, spring steel wire and springs for mattresses, the underlying strength of United Building Materials Factory is its use of the best quality raw material and the latest cost effective technology in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2008. These high standards not only enable United Building Materials Factory’s products to compete with similar imported ones, but also gain international recognition and to export its products overseas.

A further example is our investment in the Madinah Carpet Factory (MCF). Established in 1996, MCF products are characterised by their quality and variety, which makes it one of the leading national factories producing prayer carpet & Ihram in the Saudi market. The factory is located in Al Madina Al Munawarah and this gives it a competitive advantage during Ramadan and the Hajj season. Due to the significant increase in demand, MCF has expanded its distribution network by establishing branches in many cities in the Kingdom, with a major presence in the Western and Central areas. The factory’s objective is to match the current and future demand on such products in both the domestic and international markets.

In addition, the Group has established a modern carpet factory, where its production is competing the other similar imported products.