AIMS Hospitality

Due to Saudi’s strong corporate sector and religious tourists, the hospitality division remains a key potential market for growth and job opportunities. As the ultimate Holy Land and pilgrimage destination, Saudi Arabia hosts over 12 million religious tourists per year. This, coupled with Saudi’s growing economy, increased urbanisation, city developments and new businesses, has visitors, residents and employees travelling across country for leisure and business endeavours. In other words, Saudi continues to be a fast developing destination for both business and leisure travellers.

AIMS Hospitality is contributing to the growth of this sector by investing in furnished apartments, hotels, tourist resorts and similar projects that are consistent with our values. By offering competitive rates and exceptional services, thereby ensuring high quality accommodation is within everyone’s reach, AIMS’ goal is to be the partner of choice by offering comfort, convenience and value. Whether travelling for business or leisure, AIMS Hospitality’s investments reflect our commitment to the Group’s core values and principles.