AIMS Education

Education is the pillar for success in any emerging market as it produces strong intellectual capital and creates a knowledge-based economy. The rising population and increased competition in the Kingdom, along with the government’s commitment to cut unemployment, has contributed to a greater focus on education and vocational training in order to develop expertise. Moreover, diversification of businesses and the economy calls for specialised skills leading to greater employment opportunities for Saudi residents, women in particular. The Kingdom’s ultimate goal is to provide a robust education system with quality institutions that can create the skilled workforce of tomorrow.

These are the contributing factors as to why we established AIMS Education. Promoting intelligence and development by encouraging and nurturing innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship is at the heart of AIMS. Our investment in the Integrated Training Company (ITC), one of the leading private vocational training providers in the Kingdom, is one example of how we are helping to improve our people. By equipping them with the necessary tools to perform their tasks to consistently high standards. ITC aims to develop the understanding of knowledge and practice of: NDT, Quality Control, Metallurgy, Welding, ISO 9000 and other related fields that will be useful for Power Plants, Refineries, Chemical, Fabrication and Construction Industries. ITC’s main objective to close the gap between vocational training outputs and their desire to support Saudisation, aligns with the values we hold dear.