Sh. Abdullah Ibrahim Al Subeaei

Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Mohamad Al Subeaei was born in al Onayza City in 1916. He was only two when his father passed away in Madina Al Mounawara. His brother, Mohamad, was eleven at the time.
Their father was away a lot, always in pursuit of work in a time where most of the region suffered terrible neediness. And their mother, may she rest in peace, played a big role in their upbringing.

Poverty pushed many to migrate to other cities in order to maintain a decent living. Mohamad resorted to the same, following his uncle Nasser to Mekka to work in his convenient store, while Abdullah continued his primary education.

In 1930, Mohamad sent after his mother and younger brother to join him in Mekka. At this time, he had left his job with his uncle, finished his education, and assigned as a road inspector with the government.

A few years later, in 1933, Abdullah joined Mohamad in business ventures with Suleiman Bin Ghanim in Mekka in trading and distribution. Both gained a broad perspective on the culture and customs of young people. Their alliance with Bin Ghanim lasted 28 years, until 1961, when both decided to amicably split with the latter.

Sh. Mohamad and Sh. Abdallah then took on multiple endeavors such as money exchange, real estate, textiles, and food products. These businesses were based on rigid foundation of honesty and transparency in all lines of work. They were intent on excellent customer service, which placed them as elite in the projects they undertook.

Money exchange was their strongest business up until Bank Bilad was established, which grew to become the most advanced amongst all Saudi banks. The brothers also founded the Mohamad Abdullah Ibrahim Al Subeaei Charity Association in 2002, ensuring that good deeds are done onto society.

The profound partnership worked harmoniously and consistently for 78 years on the basis of tolerance, perseverance and Islamic values, all passed onto their sons as an eternal treasured legacy.